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Duratech Surface Sys
Duratech Surface Systems is the Indian company with collaborations with the leading companies across the globe for its technology, machines and best practices of Industrial & Decorative Floorings. Duratech has independent separate specialist flooring departments, which together provide clients with an integrated, streamlined, start-to finish industrial as well as decorated flooring services. Our focus is understanding industry needs and meeting them by utilising the best of technology and knowhow along with the in-house expert manpower. We specialise in Polished Concrete, Ashford Formula, HTC Superfloors, VDF Flooring (Vacuum dewatered flooring or Tremix Flooring), Laser Screeding, Truss Screeding (Modular Screeding), IPS Flooring and Epoxy Flooring. Such floorings are suitable for Industries, Warehouses, Factories, Infrastructures, Commercial spaces and interiors of premium houses, bars, restaurants.
  • 2018-03-03T17:42:03

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